DOULTON W9381000 High Flow Multi Candle Filter Module


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Includes Filter Holder Module
Fits The Rio2000 And Most Big Blue Type Housings
Filters Are Self Sterilizing And Re-Cleanable
Brand Name: Doulton

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Includes 6 Doulton ceramic filters and filter holder module for the Doulton Rio 2000 as well as existing Big Blue housings. Whole House High Flow Ceramic Water Filter is the newest product from Doulton the brand of top quality ceramic filters for home drinking water. This new, high flow filtration six element filter module fits most industry standard 10″ Big Blue Housings as well as Doulton Housings. Filter is designed to be fitted to the mains water inlet to the home to supply large volumes of healthy, clean water to the whole family. Flow Rate: 7-8 GPM at 45 psi, for cold water use only. Superior Flow Rate — up to 520 Gallons per hour (that is over 8 gallons per minute) at 3 bar pressure.

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