DOULTON W9121200 Supersterasyl Undersink Ceramic Candle Replacement Filter Cartridge


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  • Super Sterasyl outer ceramic shell, Activated carbon inside.
  • Filters are self sterilizing and re-cleanable.
  • 7″ in length. Includes rubber washer and wing nut.
  • Model number: W9121200

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Doulton W9121200 Super Sterasyl Ceramic Filter Candle: The Super Sterasyl Candle is designed for gravity systems. Common Replacement Filter For the Doulton SS-4, Big Berkey/British Berkefeld Gravity Fed Unit The Doulton 7″ Super Sterasyl Ceramic Filter Candle W9121200 features 1/4″ Threads and fits Doulton Gravity Fed Systems GSS2, GSS3, and GSS4 as well as some HCP and HIP models that require 2″ x 7″ filter candles.


Technical Details